Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am totally spoilt!

I asked mum for a Nintendo Wii yesterday & a Wii Fit for a bit of different exercise and she totally said YES - and we got one yesterday. I couldn't believe she agreed to it. Granted it is for the whole family and they use the Wii fit as well but I am so excited :D

They were sold out everywhere we went!!!
Ended up having to call all these places in the phone book, get put on hold & transferred to different departments la de da de dah! F*&^
But...managed to find the Wii console in stock in Target in Burnie (about 25 mins away) and a Wii fit in stock in Sanity in Devonport (bout 15 mins away)>in the opposite direction so we had to do a bit of running around to get them. We actually got the last Wii fit in stock. YAY!
and I really like the scales on the Wii fit. :D well not just the wii fit but the normal scales here to...cause they were really nice to me.
I have lost another .4 kg and so I only have .5 till I hit 10. Pandora, pandora, pandora. *giggles*
can you see I am developing an addiction?
Off to eat my weetbix (with water...YUCK! but I can't drink milk lately it makes me soooo sick!)
Ta ta


Tiff Sawyer said...

Have fun with your new toy, Tiff :o)

Toni said...

hi KR -- I'm in total agreeance -- I love the WiiFit too! my fave is the step aerobics altho I still cant get a perfect score -- just so unco.
If you do the yoga you'll find a BIG difference in your posture and balance -- I was amazed how well it worked and how quickly!

Have fun hon, lovin this journey you're on!