Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hello there.

finally a scrap page to share. It is photographed very badly. Weather has either been too cloudy or too sunny to take proper pics...grrr!
I have almost finished my scrapbook album from the trip to QLD I took with exciting. The album is bursting though cause there are so many pages. I actually haven't photographed a lot of them. Should do that...but I just can't believe I have almost finished an album it's amazing for me!
EXCITING...jumped on the scales yesterday and then again this morning to make sure it was right and I have reached my first 10kg loss goal...YAY! I have lost 10.5kg now all up. YAY!
So I will get a pandora bead this weekend :)
I had to take the cat to the vet this morning because he lost a patch of fur on his neck yesterday and his skin was all blood bruised. :( I was so worried about him. He is now on anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory tablets for the next fortnight + special biccies.
Vet appt. all up was $97...crazy crazy.
I am off to do something anything active besides the treadmill which I can't do because of blisters :(


Ally said...

ohhhh its so cool kayla!!! love the purple on lime combo! haha embarrassing pic of me tho! lmao!

YAY!!! Woot go you for loosing 10kg!
You have lost more in 1.5 months than I have in 6! Oh well a loss is a loss I spose hehe.
You are working so well! Your an inspiration to me!

Antonella Ryan said...

OHh beautiful Blog Kayla Looking great!!!!