Monday, February 9, 2009

Head garbage...

I thought I would update my bloggy with some head garbage!
I know, I know! I did say that I would post some layouts, but once again I'm here with them still sitting in a pile not photographed!

I just wanted to say thankyou to all those that commented on my weightloss...It means so much to me.

So head garbage + random things you probably don't want to know

No 1. I am growing my hair again. *sigh* I always do this. I grow it, then cut it off, I grow it, then I cut it off...I could go on. I decided that with a new body I want long hair *lmao*

No 2. I am very sad and emotional about the raging bushfires that Victoria is currently experiencing. Come on guys dig deep and donate. You can donate here
It makes me so angry knowing that some of these fires were delibrately lit. It makes me wish that we had the death penalty here in Australia. Sick and emotionless so & so's they are!

No 3. My arms are very sore after playing a little too much Wii Sports tennis and then having a go at some Wii Fit boxing (wow that's a workout and a half)

No 4. My scrapbooking mojo has finally come back after being on holiday for a VERY long time

No 5. Tomorrow is my first day home alone since the start of December. Finally!
Little sister goes back to school tomorrow and she is starting year 8 of highschool, how did she grow up so quick? where did that time go?

No 6. We're into day 2 of a healthy planned meals week here in the MacAulay household. Yesterday it was BBQ fish with pineapple salsa and a mixed salad tonight it was Marinated lamb chops with spicy chickpeas and spinach. They were both really yummy and the calories are nice and low :-)

No 7. I don't think I mentioned this here but I am the Guest Designer this month for this wonderfully wicked site, you should definitely check out the super wicked february kits! they are simply awesome!

No 8. There are a million things running through my head about study options and things that I would like to do as a career, this is generally something you think about in year 10 when you haven't already completed college BUT...I guess I wasn't mature enough then to take it seriously and wasted 2 years basically but then looking at it from a different angle I think I wouldn't be as mature as I am now if I hadn't gone down the path I did.
So ... working out what my options are and what I should do.
Will keep you updated there i'm sure ;-)

Definitely can't think of any more dot points of things remotely exciting enough to post about.
So till next time


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Kate said...

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog but I read it all the time and love it!! You are such an inspiration between your art & your motivation to loose weight and be healthy!!