Thursday, January 22, 2009

surf, sun & sand (& sharks)

It's taken me a couple of days to come back and post...sorry.
Here are some photos taken on our trip. These are the beachy ones :)
I think I'm pretty brave for swimming with the sharks....hehe.
There was a shark attack a week before we went close by (5m great white...the poor girl need approx. 200 stitches) I told myself that because of this i would NOT BE going swimming...but I just couldn't help myself, the beach was irresistable. :)

everyone needs some photos of their thongs^^^^^
Now this is a pretty gross photo of me ^^^ but thought I better have something proving that I was actually here when these photos were taken. lol!
My hair goes all FERAL straight after swimming...I got blessed (actually meaning CURSED) with curly hair.

a just because photo ^^^

Poser ^^^

We also went to the Bay of Fires. Now if you come to Tasmania ever I must reccomend this place, it is so beautiful!

and we saw a jelly fish. My Pop reckons it's a man of war of something. suppose to be really lethal. I would have to look it up though to see if that's right.

So that's a wrap up of my holiday, I mean there are HEAPS more photos but it would take forever to share them all!
and we stopped in heaps more places. You know you might just see them on a scrapbook page soon instead ;)

Best be off. Doing the last touches to my scrap room (well cupboard)
*sigh* yes I gave up my scrap room. Will tlk more in the next post about it...with some scrap pages...i promise. xx




Toni said...

KR your photos are DELICIOUS!! you're a vastly clever girl, I'm so impressed!


Wendy Smith said...

these are really great pics are becoming a hell of a Photographer