Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 4 & Jan 5

I forgot to post up my pics of the day.

First is a run down car in a paddock which we found in Meander about an hour away from where I live. I love the rusty-ness

and second is Ruby, a horse that I look after from time to time just over the road.
She is gorgeous.

and i scrapped

Today I am doing another horsey photo shoot.
Practicing because some one is paying me to do photos of their horses this weekend, so i want to experiment a bit today.
I am bit nervous because you can't just tell a horse where to stand and which way to look....
Anyway. I am off. plenty to do today.
Kr. x


Toni said...

LOOOOOOVE that LO KR! I might have to lift that....


Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous work KR...love the pics too..


love the posts.. good luck with those resolutions... gorgeous layouts ..tfs