Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan 1.

my official jan. 1 photo ^^^^^^
this is a crappy photo, but I decided to post it anyway, and yes you can see the camera strap. dang! It was taken at dusk, hence the not so great quality...but sharing all the same.
The new year is here. Finally.
Anyway, decided to do the 365 challenge, although I am pretty sure I did this in January last year as well and I am also pretty sure it only lasted a couple of weeks. But...I do have a nice new camera maybe the motivation will be there.

I am working on a project (which I will hopefully stick to) this year called "the year I was 18" because my bday is at the end, so I can document one whole year from January of a particular age which is cool.

So this year seems appropriate because with 18, comes a lot of new exciting things.
I have some calender paper (which I brought AGGEEESS ago like the KSK retreat back in 2007) that I have not used. I have 12 pieces, one for each month. Cool!

Anyway. 365 photos. I couldn't handle that many photos of me. I would get sick of it. SO I am going to photograph other daily stuff mixed in as well...although I guess there will be a lot of me as well...sorry guys.

Anyway this is just a quick post.
I am off to bed...reading some more twilight before I go, I will back tomorrow with some pics of some art, and a cool canvas by ruby. :)


KR. x

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