Monday, January 19, 2009

it's so magical!

Watching the sun rise is so magical!
to be honest this was my VERY first sunrise at the beach. I have watched the Sun set at the beach many times but never been up early enough to watch it rise here.
This trip I felt like my soul was free! the beach always feels like home to me. I guess with my love of the beaches of QLD and growing up there I was bound to always love it here.
I have to say though the beaches in Tasmania are nicer than QLD.
The water may be colder but the beaches are beautiful.
They aren't surrounded by high rise apartments and shops everywhere. This beach is surrounded by beautiful mountains and wilderness.
The beach isn't packed with people, there are no red & yellow guys patrolling the beach and often you can go down there and have the beach all to yourself!
I'm a bit sad that I am home now as I loved my time away, but good news is we are going back to the East Coast in a few weeks! :)
I will share some more photos of my time away in the next post.


Katie said...

Wow those photos are absolutely stunning Kayla! I'd love to go to Tassie one day and check out the beaches down there! The beaches in QLD are heaps more crowded these days - not the same as when I was little :(

Tara said...

Great photos Kayla!

Ali said...

love these pics kayla the sunrise in tassie is beautiful!!


Toni said...

these are fabulous photos KR! I love the first and last ones.

I can remember as a kid in Nth Qld we would go to the beach for the Easter long weekend and not see another person -- at PORT DOUGLAS! now the place looks like the Gold Coast and you can't camp anywhere
Might have to visit Tassie!

Kyla said...

sounds like a great little break away, the photos, as always, are stunning!

Love the pic of you too, lookin good girl!


Mel Connell said...

That is a gorgeous shot of you Kayla on the beach! xx

Kylie said...

wow..can i be there instead of here