Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am so spoilt~thanks alice!

Alice sent me this totally gorgeous cat charm for my pandora bracelet....i luuurvve it. Thanks so much Alice. I have named him Bailey.
I have 2 charms now, owl & a kitty :)
Alice also spoilt me with some GORGEOUS hair clips which I wore today :)
a cutie cute book mark paper clip
a gorgeous lantern (which is in my scrap room now hanging all pretty)
lots of super yummy chocolate ( i am being good eating it very slowly. lol )
Thanks so much Alice, my heart smiled when I opened your package. You are such a kind friend.

And on Pandora's, I have almost earnt my first 5kg loss murano glass charm. I have to decide which one to get yet, but I am going to stick to getting green & blue glass :)
Not much else happening here. Doctors went ok. They couldn't find a vein for my blood test for ages...but eventually the little sucker cooperated. I am not scared of needles (I used to A LOT) so I kinda enjoy getting them now...(kinda weird...huh?)
Won't find out the results till the end of January...long long wait....twiddling fingers...hum de hum!
I'm going away so this will be my last post till probably Monday. Heading off to the East Coast to stay in a beach shack for a couple of days. It's going to be fun :)
I'm sure I will have a photo filled post when I get back

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