Monday, January 12, 2009

from my sick bed...

yes...i haven't been updating, I have been sick.
Started a new medication on Friday and it really didn't like me.
I got really quite sick from it actually. Have been in bed for the last 3 days.
Anyway I am sticking it out because the medication itself is actually working it's just the side effects that suck!
I am bringing in my new year sticking to my goals.
I went to the doctors to sort a lot of medical stuff out.
Have blood tests Tuesday hopefully I will be able to get some more information about my health from those.
I also got weighed and measured for height. My BMI is WAY high. So I know what goals ect... I have now. I feel good knowing what is going on and where I am heading.
I am updating my weightloss journal today with a lot of new things. Don't know if I will share yet. I'm a bit shy, when it comes to things like that.
With being sick and all I still managed to have a play in the mystical scrapbooks cyber crop this weekend which was all themed around summer.
here are my 3 pages I managed to complete

I don't really like the koala one, it's not really style. But that's what I get for scrapping while I am sick.

Well I am off to do a bit more reading of new moon (I am re-reading the twilight series)
I have been taking a picture every day, just haven't been sharing them here. I might find it easier if I just share them at the end of the month!
Take care


Toni said...

geez even when you're sick you scrap like a legend!

I DO like the koala one, I think you might like it more when you look at it after some time has gone by.

Good for you Kayla, sorting out medical issues and making goals! you're empowering yourself hon!! and there are lots of girlies on the sidelines cheering for ya!

Wendy Smith said...

hope you are feeling better soon Kayla

I would really like to scrap with you over the holidays some time if you are able...

Youe Los from this weekend are gorgeous

Mel Connell said...

Hope you feel better soon Honey, sucks being sick. Love the new LO's, my fave is actually the koala cute!

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Hope you feel better soon. And I too love the koala one!