Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am finally legal.

Yep this girl turned 18 yesterday.
Had a quiet one with family. So nope no hitting the parties for me.
I was so spoilt. Mum & Dad got me a Canon 450D Digital SLR camera. I was screaming when I opened the box. I love it. I also got a lens and a UV filter for it. I also got a Pandora bracelet from Tamara (in black. I LOVE the black one, have been secretly hinting to everyone for months.LOL)
and some cherry pyjamas. YAY

So how does it feel to be 18? No different. I knew that would happen. lol!
Everyone keeps asking me, answer is the same.
It's just good to finally be considered an adult. I am very touchy about being considered a 'child'. I hate it.

I had my first legal drink. Which was Midori and Lemonade. YUM! and I got asked for ID. Apparently they have to ask if you look under 25. Lol! I was also drinking Brown Brothers wine.

We had the yummiest dinner at the Indian Restaurant (i think it was a bit hot for poppy's!) it was so good though. Now I will try to remember what dishes we had. Ok (Korma lamb, Rogan Josh, Butter Chicken, Mango Chicken, Mataar Paneer, Thai Combo (prawn& scallop curry) it was so good. and they had bananas rolled in coconut with the mains thats suppose to cool the palette along with raita (cucumber and natural yogurt i think)

Mum had got me a cake and I didn't realise. The restaurant turned the lights off a little bit after 9, and I thought they were letting us know it was time to go home but no they brought out a cake. I must have turned bright red. I was so embarrassed. The people eating in the restaurant were singing me happy birthday. It was a yummy cake though. It was black forest.

So yep. I had a fantastically great day. :)

and....I have heaps of cash to spend as well. I don't know what to spend it on (saving is not an option)

Thanks everyone that left me birthday wishes over the internet. I love you guys.
And thank you to My fave. Aunty Cheryl for a gorgeous cupcake card and funky stickers
and thanks to bec and lissa who sent me bday cards as well. :)

Kayla ReneƩ. x


Liz said...

mmm chose well for your first legal drink Kayla.

what a lucky girl getting a fabulous camera for a pressie...!!

Melissa Antolovic said...

happy birthday Kayla!

Lauren said...

Wow what an awesome birthday pressie you got!

Hope you had a great day. Happy 18th!!

Sheri said...

that cake looks soo good :P

i left you a award on my blog :P

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Kayla! So glad to hear you had a great day!

Katie :)

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Happy (Belated) flad you had a good day!!!!

elle said...

happy birthday kayla!!
turns out you're almost seven months exactly younger than my little sister (well shes not really little now)
sounds like you got spoilt too!

i have awarded you a blog award, since i love to see what scrapping you have done recently.

SkyeMJ said...

Midori was my first legal drink too!
Only I drank too much of it and got really sick!

Sounds like a fab day chicky and that cake - mmmmmmm delish! :)

Happy birthday mate (And Merry Christmas too! Double Whammy!)


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday hon!
Welcome to Adult hood! ;)

Cant wait to see a pic of your Pandora - and spend the cashola on a Slice - go on... you know you want one! hehe