Sunday, December 7, 2008

dec. 7

no photos again today.
I did take one but it's in RAW format and my computer won't accept it, so have to borrow Sis's laptop again.
I took a photo to send with the xmas cards today (yes i know slack. still haven't sent them.) my gosh! they are going to be late.

Today, I cleaned out the fridge, scrapped, made pretty little felt flowers and sewed a gazillion buttons. Made MORE christmas cards. My gosh!
I also listened to the Twilight soundtrack on loop. lol

Tonight we went for dinner at Tamara's house, ate pizza and played Pictionary. Pairs were Tamar and i, Josh & Mum & Dad and Morgan. Dad & Morgan won. Lots of laughs in that game I tell you.

Mum & Dad really cleaned up the yard today, weeding is a nightmare. So many weeds had regrown since halloween when I weeded for my party.

THat's all today and I off to bed, early night tonight.

KR. x

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nightwolflayouts said...

hey hun,
ur not the only one who hasn't sent xmas cards yet. I really should get around to it ;)

PS u've been tagged. pop over to my blog to see what to do.