Saturday, December 6, 2008

dec. 5

i forgot to post officially yesterday. it is now the 6th but i haven't gone to bed yet from the 5th (yes i know it's 3.54am, it's crazy i know)today i didn't do much at all
finished off a heap more christmas cards. have 25 handmade cards now ready to be sent. better hurry up with that.
cleaned the house. :)
Got excited that it's finally friday with the weekend ahead, which is not going to a great start considering it's 4.16am now and I still haven't gone to bed....Saturday is going to be one tired day.
Spoke to a friend on the phone for 4 hours. oh my gosh!

Cya lovelies
KR. x


Belynda-Lee said...

hey chook!
wow look at all the cards you made hun, lol ihavent even started yet.
sounds like you need to catch up on some sleep lol.
oh btw loving the new layout of 6 leavers. can i add you to my blog?
take care hun
belynda xo

Renee said...

Looks like you have been very busy with Christmas cards. They look fantastic!! I absolutely love your style, I might visit a bit more often if that's ok.

Take care