Thursday, December 4, 2008

dec. 4

still no daily dec. album to show you. I haven't photographed it yet.

Today. Dec. 4.
Nothing again today. Have been looking on the web for some cute christmas recipes to do this weekend.
I have found a couple that I thought I would share with you here
these gorgeous christmas trees by rachel scholz and you can find the recipe here
and these no bake apricot balls by melissa goodsell. I made these last year and they are YUMMY

and tamar is uploading heaps of gorgeous christmas recipes on the tarisota blog made by all the gorgeous design team girlies. check it out

here is todays pic.
Our stockings are hung. Tamara made these, they took her ages. They are made from some gorgeous red thick satin and lined with this white crushed fabric that kinda looks like snow. The names are embroidered on with gold beads.

and this one is for the first sketch of december on stuck sketches.
I can't believe that I only just scrapped my grade 6 leavers dinner photo.
And yep thats me in the front, white skirt, purple top high heels *omg*
I was really late to my dinner so I jumped in the photo last minute and my tallness is covering up other people....oops.
and...i think it's weird that we have a year 6 leavers dinner here in tassie. When we lived in QLD there was no such thing and primary school didn't finish there till grade 7. here is grade 6. Weird. Anyway.

It's 3pm, I just ate my lunch and I am still wearing my pyjamas, I should get out and do something. Go for a walk maybe. clean the house. It is pretty disgusting at the moment.

Please go check out my slice blog as I updated it yesterday and I am just about to update it again now. :)

KR. x

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