Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dec. 28

I made this from the wicked princess December OTP/mermaid kit.
I absolutely LOVED this kit, had to be my favourite ever
and Marni taught this mini book. I LOVE it

and i made these 2 pages and card from the left overs and i still have heaps left over (sorry they aren't photographed the best. it has been over cast and yuck!)

I have heaps more scrappy stuff to share, but will save that for other posts.

Went to sisters for dinner last night with all the family and we played scattergories. Was so much fun. We had the letter t for one of the lists and dad got a bit confused.
One of the categories was something black starting with t and dad put down black belt. We were like no dad it has to start with t, but he was insisting NO "it's black, you know like BLACK BELT!" and we were like NO it has to start with T. He took forever to get it. Was hiliarious. We haven't let him live it down yet and prob. never will. LOL!

I went to see twilight at the cinemas again yesterday. Yes for the second time. My bestie is working down the coast for the summer but she up for christmas and she hadn't seen it, so what better excuse for me.

Little sis has gone down the bottom of tas for a holiday with her friend. She will be gone for a while. Will certaintly be quiet around here.

Me-Nothing. I'm like an only child at the moment. I am so bored.
Got heaps I could be doing though. Such as start typing up resumé's and applying.

I realised yesterday that I can enter a ticket into lotto now (i keep forgetting i'm 18 now) and so my bestie and I went in to put a ticket in the 30 mil. but we couldn't work out how to do it and we didn't want to ask. lol! i told mum and she laughed.
So then we just started talking about what we would do with 30 mil. and the conversation got funny.

i would want to buy edward cullen, but I don't think it works like that. he he....

Off to scrap.
Ta ta

KR. x


Kate said...

I am in love with the mini book! Awesome job!

SkyeMJ said...

I have one of those kaiser acrylic albums and was so uninspired by it!
You have just put 1001 ideas in my head!
That looks so gorgeous KR!

Beautiful layouts too - you never fail to impress though!

$30 Mil... sigh... buy an island somewhere and never be seen again (except when I want new clothes, deserted island or not, a girl has to look her best!)

Wendy Smith said...

great work the minis and Layouts

Great to see you NY resolutions and highlights

Happy New Year