Wednesday, December 3, 2008

dec. 2 (not!)

well i forgot to blog yesterday, time took hold of me.
Not too much to share today.
this one is for white with 1 decembers challenge.
If you want to check it out >>>> white with 1
there is also a new embellishment swap open for sign ups over there. so go check it out.

here is my daily december (2) photo, which obviously was taken yesterday.

getting ready for all the christmas cooking that is sure to happen here in the next 2 weeks.
Cake is already done as is 2 plum puddings. Yep having the big chrissy this year...cause POPPY IS COMING>...YAY. our pop lives in QLD so we don't get to see him too much :(

here is my first entry in my december daily album. Heart and Snowflake are SLICED. Lol! Look out for yesterday's when I upload the blog later today. Going to try and be good and keep up with me throughout december...will try.

Not much else happening really, loving the twilight still. Comes out on the 11th, so just over a week..YAY. I found this cool website that sells fan wants some.

Talk soon
KR. x

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xoxAlyssaxox said...

Hey chooky, Page looks great, and i am loving you're xmas journal very awesome. Happy cooking sweetness xx