Tuesday, December 9, 2008

day 8. & 9.

oops forgot to post yesterday.
Day 8.
Woke up really early because I was sick. So I made a start on house cleaning.
Scrapbooked 2 pages of Bailey and started a 3rd.
That is all I did all day *my gosh*
Day 9.
Today was MASSIVE clean up.
Changed around the office, it looks all pretty and new. *grin*
Cleaned my scraproom, and my bedroom
cleaned out the fridge & pantry
cleaned windows
and did the floors
busy day all around. I also played with my slice.
I played at the Scrap Therapy cyber crop on the weekend
Only manged to get one challenge done though.
was set by the awesome mandy. Had to make a gift bag, gift tag and card that all matched (hope mum doesn't read this)
the other 2 layouts are MAN of the month challenges over at Scrap therapy as well.

Thanks for reading.
Not sure when I will post my daily tomorrow as my pop is coming and I am picking peas all day up at a farm here in forth. Will see.

Ta ta.
KR. x


miasmummy said...

Great Scrapping, and you sound like you are on a roll with the cleaning, pity you are in Tassie, I'd love you to live round the corner from me!!! For scrapping and cleaning purposes!! Lol!!!

jacque4u2c said...

I really love the stacked effect. Great job and wonderful color selections.