Friday, November 7, 2008

last day of year 12!

i can't believe today was my last day of year 12.
It feels so weird.
I put together a youtube video of my last day.

We took loads of photos
and the school hired a jumping castle for the college students..LOL
and we all got glasses of fake wine in the assembly and the whole school made a toast
all in all it was a really fun day.

I can't believe it is over though.
Next week is going to be so weird.

Still have to study over the weekend for my home learning subs due Monday...but after that i'm DONE DONE DONE!!


KR. x

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SkyeMJ said...

Oh congrats KR! Finishing year 12 is the most exciting thing! (Only when you're out of school, you look back and miss it like hell!)

We had a jumping castle too, bt they wouldn't let us on with the egg and flour all over us on muck up day, so it went unused! lol

Congrats again!