Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i will always remember

i will miss you so much.
you were my baby. My everything.
I picked up all the things you chewed up in my room today. I put them in a box and sealed it.
I picked up the bobby pins you pushed on the floor.
I found your favourite collar and wore it on my wrist today.
I found this picture of you as a kitten and wondered why i felt like only yesterday when it was taken?
I took your brother to the vet for his needle. He was a pain in the were always good on your vet visits.
I thought about your beautiful velvety coat when I was brushing Oskar.
I found the jacket I made you wear much to your distaste when I was cleaning out my wardrobe.
My heart ached today Bailey.
I love you so much and I would do anything to have you back.

Your brother is missing you, we cried together.

I couldn't wish for anything more than to at least hold you one more time.

I am crying again.

Love Kayla. xx


Felicity said...

just reading this put a big lump in my throat. Its so hard to serparate from something that has been in your life for years..
Treasure those memories darl.
Take Care
Felicity x

Jodie said...

kayla, my heart is hurting for you babe.
I TOTALLY know how much it is hurting you right now, and know yes, some might say "its just a cat" but those who dont get it, wont get it.
pets are more than just a pet, especially when you have them for so long, they are family, a part of your heart, and when they are gone, that part does go.
Im not sure i can say anything to make it the slightest bit better, but ill offer to chat if you need to talk, or just talk about your baby, you know my email, or msn and ill write back you know sweetheart.

im so sorry to read this, cos yeah i know what it is like to get so attatched to the fur babies and i know how much you loved your kitty.

big cyber hugs.

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Oh Kayla *hugs* I am so sorry for your loss. You will get through this, but let yourself grieve and hold tight to the wonderful memories you have with your furbaby xxx

rebelliouskiwi said...

Big cuddles babe! I know wot its like to lose a furkid & its rips ya guts out doesn't it. I'm here if ya wanna chat eva. Take care xxx

Ally said...

This is such a beautiful piece of writing Kayla.
You will get through this.
I promise.

Huge hugs and tears for Bailey.

silvercat said...

oh sweetie...your post has me in tears....take care sweetie....I do know what your feeling...I loss my furbaby a few years ago and I will always miss him...

big hugs to you...

oh and that photo is just adorable!!