Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have been tagged :)

I was tagged by the gorgeous SkyeThanks Skye.
Now to tag 5 more would be hard cause I have no idea who has already received the award. So 5 girls, if you have already been tagged...sorry

Alice-How could I not she is my scrapping bestie and the best scrapper EVER!!!
Dee- cause she is awesome
Katie- Cause her work rocks, and she is ever so kind.
Kell- Her work is beautiful, she is very talented
Mel- cause she is one beautiful person with beautiful scrapping talents.
and i was also tagged by rachy and dee

5 random things about me.
1. When I eat, I eat my veggies first, then potatoes (or whatever is on my plate) and I always eat my meat last. Have done since I was a kid.
2. I wanted to be a primary school teacher for years until I hit year 9 and I gave that dream up.
3. I have dreams of travelling overseas one day
4. I have had my learners license for 2 years now and I have only been driving 3 times.
5. I am terrifed on confined spaces. don't like planes, elevators, sometimes cars, or tents

ok. now I am sure that most people have done this tag
but...if you haven't consider yourself tagged. :D

In other news my Making Memories Slice arrived today.
I was a wee bit excited, jumping around like a maniac.
Keep watch for some exciting stuff using it. LOL

Kayla ReneƩ

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