Monday, December 1, 2008

dec. 1

I am going to try and blog everyday in December, it's not going to be easy and I may not accomplish it, but i'll give it a red hot try.
I am doing the Ali Edwards Daily December I might even be able to share that every day. Today's entry is not finished so may be back later tonight to share that.

We set up the Christmas tree last night. We usually do it on the 1st of December...but considering today is Monday and everyone (cept' me) would be at school & work we decided to do it last night. It's so weird though, it's the first year that we have set it up without Tamara. Tamara & Dad are having a bit of a fight at the moment, so she hasn't been over here very much.
I should have shut the blinds behind the xmas tree when I took this photo. oops

here is our xmas tree all put up. It is a very OLD xmas tree now. gosh it must be the same age as my older sister. I think. so 21 plus years. It is looking very bare now and bits are breaking off, I think we might be needing a new one.

The pine cones we have under the tree are pine cones dad collected when he still had his lawn mowing business in QLD and we spray painted them gold. I remember doing that when I was about 7 years old. oh my gosh! they need a fresh spray. Must head down town and get some more gold spray paint.
We were being a bit silly last night when we were putting up the tree, and what's christmas without silly shots?....

and in other news.
I realised I totally forgot (i think) to tell you I'm now on the Scrap the girls Creative team.
You can view the challenge blog here
And the December challenge just went up.
Here is my page

that's it today girls. I have to get back to doing the washing whilst it's not raining for once.
I am sick of this bloody rain! and weather forecast says we're getting LOADS more this coming weekend.

KR. x


Wendy Smith said...

cute picture Kayla...loveing the white xmas tree...very chic

Congrats on your Scrap the Girls postition...gorgeous LO

Bel said...

Hey hon!
I am blogging daily in dec too so I can make the album as well! cheers to 30 more days of 08!!!!
love your page!!!!!