Saturday, November 1, 2008

the day after!

Halloween Party was last night and it was GR8...but I can seriously say I am NEVER EVER DRINKING AGAIN!!!
The whole night is a bit of a haze now.
not many photos were taken (too drunk to operate the camera mostly!)

so here you's the morning after. Doesn't all that mess look glorious? NOT

and this is pretty much what everyone looked like in the morning!!!

It was a great party though, but I can't say that I will have another one anytime soon!
This is it!

I haven't shared any of my scrapbooking for a while now, so here are a couple.
This one was for a Mystical Scrapbooks challenge and I WON YAY

and this one is a scrapbook savvy challenge where i scrap lifted Wendy Smith's page.

I still have a bit of hangover but I have to study and get organised for college on Tuesday. *yawn* 2 days left, 2 days left (just trying to convince myself i can do it. lol!)

Cya maybe tomorrow?

Kayla ReneƩ

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Ally said...

Yay Kayla glad you had a good time! I am suffering a little 'day after' headaches today too! lol
Had a long night yesty! All fun though.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the layouts!!!
Sorry I havent been in touch much! Will be around more now I have weekends off!