Saturday, October 11, 2008

round #6

YAY i made it through another round
we are up to round #6
this week we had to do emotional journalling about something sad (more than 200 words)
only use 1 photo (max size 4x6)
and only 1 piece of patterned paper (which is my background)
the 2 other bits are journalling tags from making memories

The journalling is very RAW for me.
brought back a lot of unpleasant feelings but it feels good to have it out there.

Not much else has been going on.
Last night taught a class at my LSS...went really well. Had fun.
Today I scrapbooked above page
tonight I went to Tamara's for dinner and we were chatting about the retreat in Melbourne. Not long to go. 5 days YAY

I promise to update tomorrow with a pic of my new bag :)

KR. x


silvercat said...

wow...amazing layout!!

Kirsty said...

Beautiful LO

SkyeMJ said...

Gorgeous Work KR!

You'll be in Melbourne in like 3 sleeps! How exciting!

I am only going to paperific on Sunday as I have to work all day Friday, so I won't get to catch up - hrmph!

Have fun though! Enjoy our sunny city and your retreat!