Saturday, October 4, 2008

new hair

I have new hair.
Treated myself to a hair colour.
Hair was dull greyish looking medium brown so I dyed it a dark reddish brown.
It's only out of a box so not sure how long it will last.

Not much happening here.
Had mum acting as my taxi service today, had so much to do in town
and I am off to an 18th birthday party tonight.
The next few months is going to be full of those with everyone turning 18 and what not.
I'm not generally a party person...although I can be.
I am putting together a Halloween party on Oct. 31st which doubles up as my besties 18th, it's going to be fun.
Trying to make fake tombstones out of polystyrene (spelling?) but not sure how i will keep them in the grass.
Tent pegs may do the trick.
Going to have a go at making some of those jelly shots as well using orange jelly and vodka...mmmmmm!!!
OK I am off to scrap.



Rachy said...

Oh Kayla... your hair looks gorgeous honey! That halloween party sounds cool... maybe some garden stakes or something for the headstones?

Jodie said...

new hair looks gorgeous!! imthinking of going darker im sick of havn to dye my regrowth each month lol

the party sonds cool, you can use those bamboo stakes in the tomb stones, just put them inside the foam them stick em in the ground!!

ohh and you should totally make a vodka watermelon they are fun and delish and lethal lol


Bec said...

Oh WOW Kayla. Your hair looks great and you look gorgeous. You have obviously lost heaps of weight!! (I hope you aren't offended by me saying this.)
But wow!! You do look gorgeous and so different.