Friday, October 24, 2008

Mystical Retreat!

The Susan and Wendy as we know them...*giggle pots*

Tamara (sis) Sara (qldscrapper) Tam (stepfordwife) and Dee

Sara (qldscrapper) Me and Dee

Sara (qldscrapper) Tam (sis) and Dee

Susan Longman and Wendy Smith

Me, Sara (qldscrapper), Tam (stepfordwife) and Dee

Tam & Tam :)

Me & Tam
The group.
Front row from left: Kayla (me), Wendy Smith, Susan Longman and Tam (stepfordwife)
Back row from left: Bri, Sara (qldscrapper), Dee and Karen

I had the best weekend.
We arrived at the airport on the friday and made it 2 minutes before check in closed (just making sure we keep our late reputation)
found susan and wendy at the bar and got chatting away, didnt hear our flight called and when we realised they were closing the flight had to run through security (which i beeped and had to go back through without my shoes) and then ended up running on the tarmac to get on our flight.
Ok nice start to the trip.
Flight was OK...not too bad really.

Arrived in Melbourne and Met up with Karen at the arrivals gate, and then we went and found Tam and met up with her husband Scott and her gorgeous kiddy Harrison. We then went to Tiger airways (quite a walk let me tell you!) to meet up with Dee & Sara.

Then it was off to Paperific. It wasnt as good as I thought it would be. But..I did make some nice purchases. Brought 2 MASSIVE punches (a scallop circle and a scalloped square) which are really noice! and I did buy some gorgeous basic grey stamps and some OPALS stamps (owls)

Then it was off to the retreat in Barwon Heads.
We settled in and grabbed pizza for dinner (i had pasta)
then it was scrapping away!
and then Bri came and man she has some scrapping stuff!!!

Scrapped until about 2am i think.

Saturday we went to the KaiserCraft factory in Geelong. I would have brought more if I had no suitcase restrictions LOL!
They did have lots of nice stuff on display.
Waves hello to Relsi and crew! :)

Saturday is when I got most of my scrapping done and we had a speed scrap that night. Had an hour to complete a page. I did mine in half hour. So proud of myself, my mojo was going strong.

Sunday we didn't do a lot of scrapping, mainly stamping things out and shrinky dinks.
Clean up wasn't too bad. And then it was time to leave *insert crying here*
Was so sad to leave.

Then it was driving to Ballarat (tam's house) where we met her gorgeous kids Mackenzie and Zac and Harrison again.
and that is where I did most of my shopping, Tam is a Wicked really must check out their site...the kits are GREAT and really GREAT VALUE!
in total I Bought 6 kits of the weekend and I LUUURRRVVE them, Pics of my creations to come.

All in all I did 12 pages on the weekend!

We caught the bus from ballarat to the airport at 11.30 the next day and I had a bit of a cry on the bus (i never cry so i was like WTF?) was so sad to leave the girls, but I know I will see them again.

When the bus finally arrived at the airport we had to run quite a bit to get Sara and Dee at their check in at Tiger I think they made it by a couple of minutes!!! and poor Sara had to pay excess luggage :(

We had quite a few hours to spare...So we shopped. Diva, The Body Shop, The chocolate box (lol!) the surf shop and sanity.
We had yummy asian for an early dinner...

The flight was good..only 40 minutes (thats some heck of a tail wind). There were 10 people on the plane I went to school with (LOL!) i guess that's what happens when you live in Tasmania.

We were so tired by the time we got home that Tamara went straight home.

So that's it, that was my weekend.

I had so much fun, wish I was still there.

Love you girls!


Kayla Renee xx


Delta said...

So glad you had a fabulous weekend! Im so envious wish I had come along. Its great to see the faces of the girls from mystical thanks.

May I also add I love your hair that short. I hardly recognised you. Im starting to save now for Brisbane convention in June. Are you going? I so want to catch up with you again and hopefully we can spend some more time together.

Catchya soon girl
Love always,

Wendy Smith said...

it was a great weekend...cannot believe how much laughing I did...had sore cheeks

Ally said...

Wow looks like so much fun!!!
Wish I could have come too!

Glad you like the picture! :D


silvercat said...

fab photo's...sounds like a great weekend!!....

SkyeMJ said...

Oh looks like soooooo much fun ! I love that photo of wendy laughing! So much joy :)

I thought paperific was a bit of a let down too :( but glad you like the Kaiser factory!


Liz said...

OMG you were that close to where I lived and still I missed you....again..
sounds like you had a good time.

Liz said...

thats live...rather than lived.. I think I should be asleep still