Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sept. 10

great boring title...for an equally boring post.
Ok so in famous dot point style

I have finally finished the first 3 books, twilight, new moon and eclipse. I am just waiting on the waiting list for breaking dawn at the libary.
They are such good books.
and I can now declare that I do have a love affair with Edward Cullen. YummY! doesn't begin to describe.
I would be a vampire for him to...*LOL*

*So you think you can scrap
I got through the first round of so you think you can scrap at scraptacular.
I am very excited

Here is my first weeks entry (photographed very badly)

*fiskars threading water punch
I was lucky enough to get one of these little suckers
and can i say...ADDICTIVE
I have used it on about 5 things already
and punched out heaps of my scraps into scallops. I LOVE

it seems that my scrapping mojo has returned
i did 3 pages today.
Will photograph tomorrow and upload.
I am actually happy with them as well which is a start.

i am on college holidays at the moment. next 2 weeks.
have been very lazy...sleeping in a lot

I can't believe I am seeing christmas stuff out already. Spotlight has their christmas stuff out. What the heck?

*correspondance study
Is going well. almost Done. that graduation certificate is near.

Ihave gone back to writing lately. only poetry. Pretty sucky poetry. I am writing though and that is a good start.

*Melbourne trip
1 month 6 days until I leave

I turn 18 in 3 months 1 week and 3 days (sad i know)

That's it for today me thinks.
I promise I will share layout photos tomorrow.

My back is really killing me right now...:(

Kayla ReneƩ. xx


Aga said...

Looks like you have a busy time ahead... luv the layout - and good luck with the comp!!!

Nicole said...

saw that Spotty had their Chrissy stuff out a few weeks ago, makes you want to run and hide.

Good luck with the comp hun


Sheri said...

congrats on that LO! its gorgeous!
you'll love Breaking Dawn....
hehe Edward Cullen must be about a 3 timer coz i'm inlove with him too hahaha

rebelliouskiwi said...

Aww i'm so jealous!! I want that punch too!!! lol. Lovin ya blogs! (PS: I had a dull title day the other day too lol. Guess they just have to happen some time or another huh lol)