Thursday, September 4, 2008


I decided to do one little word this week
It was quite fun.
Having a topic to scrap from is easer I think.
Ok onto scary things...
my paper organisation...just does not work. It is rather disturbing to say the least...
I need to get it in some kind of organisation before I move out...0__0

Moving out *sigh*
I am so excited
apart from the fact I will lose the privledge of having a scrap room....
I am going to sell a lot of my scrapping stuff and only keep what I need
cause otherwise I will not have room.
I was thinking I might go thrift shopping next week on the lookout for keep things for when I move out...
probably should look at some garage sales.

Anyway it's 1.15am so I am going
KR. xx


Sheri said...

loveeeee ur LO!!!! hmmm.... might just have to steal the idea of putting a handprint on a page!!! hahaha
me and mum have our papers all over the place lol even though mum got a paper stacker thingy for mothers day lol
ours are in pizza boxes mostly hahaha

Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous KR..gald to see you scrapping again