Thursday, September 18, 2008

my journal

I was very inspired by Tash's challenge over on her blog
to make this journal

I have used my bind it all machine which are available here for purchase
The machines are GREAT...totally worth it.
It's a great way to make mini books from scraps aswell!
Now onto the journal.
I made this because I want to record somehow my thoughts/achievements whilst losing weight. It's also a nice reminder of how far I have come along the way.

I will share pics as my journal develops.
I am going to make a goal page later on today.
My first goal is to get back under a 100kg...
Thanks Tash for inspiring me to make this!

Today I have the house to myself
SO I am off to crank the music up and do what I want...LOL
Ta ta.

Kayla ReneƩ. x


Tash Allen said...

oh kayla, it is beautiful. so proud of you hon for taking the plunge, can't wait to see your progress. BTW I think I want a bind it all! lol

elle said...

wow kayla. thats such a beautiful journal, and im sure you will look back on this and see the positive things that are sure to come out of it. good luck with the weight loss, and i look forward to reading about how you go!!

kayla said...

nice mini! i love cranking up the music when i am all alone too! so much fun especially when you can break out into crazy dancing when no one is there to make fun of you! ha!

btw...nice name.

Ali said...

thats a gorgeous journal kayla and a great way to document your weight loss- good luck!


Rachel said...

Hey Kayla - what an awesome journal (I'm making one too! - bit different though!) - good luck with your goals.

Rachel (aka Pepper)

Tamara said...

Kayla, your journal is beautiful!!
You and Tash have actually inspired me to create my own weightloss journal.
Im looking forward to sharing this journal with you.

Tamara (Tickled Pink)

Tania B said...

Oh Kayla, gorgeous album and all the stuff on your blog is so clever, you are a very talented young lady!!!!!!