Sunday, August 10, 2008

some photos.

here are some photos that i took today.
have been feeling really photographically inspired lately and have a million ideas for photoshoots running around my head.
I have something else whirling around my head at the moment
that I might need to get my sister to model for tomorrow. LOL
I think she is getting sick of it.
Some other things
Here is me the other day holding baby Mercedes
and here are some photos from Little sister Morgans birthday
this is little morgan with the birthday card that she got from Aunty Cheryl, Uncle Michael, Brad & Ash. (If your reading this she says "THANK YOU" she loves it. Lol)
She was so happy that there was a horse on it Straight after Morgans birthday
we had Josh's 21st birthday (older sisters boyfriend)
and we went out to china garden for dinner.
Bad photo i know.

i would share some more pics
but sister is chucking a psycho about wanting the computer

KR. xx

1 comment:

Rachy said...

awwwwwwwwwww they are amazing pics honey! Man there is just no end to your talents!
Love the one of you and Mercedes!