Monday, September 1, 2008

I scrapped!!!

YES see..evidence.
I just scrapped. This page took about 10 mins...LOL
Speed scrapping but atleast i can say i scrapped.
and yes the scan is very dodgy.

I was ditched today...
was suppose to be going to do touristy stuff with mum, dad and my aunty and uncle who are down here from cairns...
but i got as far as devonport and mum decided I wasn't allowed to I had to go home with Tamara...:-(
feeling very unloved.

It's ok though> I am home moping and's all good.

The weather is CRAP here at the moment. SO much rain today
and I got satched because I had to stand in it.

Sister (tamara) has a really bad sinus infection and so was snapping at everyone today.

It's been a great day.

I feel like I need a drink and I'm not even 18 yet *woops*

Anyway apart from scrapping I have been

  • reading stephanie meyer's new moon (from the twilight series) Don't like it as much as the first one...but I can't wait to start eclipse. Then Breaking Dawn of course.
  • College...yes same old same old. Only 6 weeks left of the year
  • Partying...everyone is turning 18...need I say more.
  • Getting excited about moving out. *hum de dum*
  • Listening to Flyleaf
  • Reading A LOT of blogs. *i love bloglines*

College holidays start this friday> YAY for 2 weeks break
2 parties to go to...excited!

I'll leave it at that today

Ta ta

Kayla ReneƩ. x

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Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous layout Kayla...I am so happy that you finally scrapped