Thursday, August 7, 2008


I can't believe that I hadn't discovered this magazine before...
FRANKIEI didn't even know that it existed
until yesterday when I was searching through the newsagents and found it hiding behind some others.
It seems that only one local newsagent stocks it though, but anyway i flicked through and it is really cool.
By far my favourite magazine i have stumbled across yet... :)

the website is pretty inspring as well, hence all these.

...other things...well not much.
I have been busy BUSY BUSY at college.
Getting stuff done.
Catching up.
Preparing something for something big (um...that is pretty
I have been sewing
I have been painting
I have been drawing (*shocked*)
I have been collaging
and getting my hands dirty
needless to say with all this that I haven't done any more scrapbooking.
But...big things to me.

oh and if you want to check out a cool blog...alice has a new blog set up
you can check it out here
it's pretty cool.

some linky love.
I am bit obsessed with this blog; house of turquoise lately.
Maybe cause i LOVE that colour

Best love ya and leave ya
cause my eyes are doing funny things looking at this computer screen
must be the lack of sleep lately *woops*
...still no new computer yet...should be here today, tomorrow or monday..fingers crossed.

KR. xx


Binxcat1 said...

just popped in to say hi chickie... I love those little strips of doodling pics from the mag... very cool.

Ally said...

ohhh that mag looks awesome Kayla! Will have to go a hunting...