Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a cute little neighbour.

I live in the cutest little neighbourhood really.
I mean where I live is not very big...AT ALL.

We have one shop and a pub.
We have a primary school and a vet

I think that's it.
Anyway being such a small town you tend to know everyone's business.

Well we have this cute neighbour (across the road) that must be about 90 (that is a guesstimation) and he lives in this house ^^ all alone.
It is quite fascinating really watching him's kind of like watching old school TV.
He gets out every day and hangs out his freshly washed jocks, socks and jammies, towel and clothes for the next day.
his shoes are always lined up neatly at the back door.
He goes to bed at 6pm
His lights are always out by 6.30
He gets up at 6am
He is out in the garden by 6.30am
He loves to garden
He grows his own veggies
Corn, Carrots, Strawberries, Tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchinis, lettuce, snow peas, you name it he grows it.
He loves to sort out dirt
He gets piles of dirt delivered and sorts the little rocks out of it
He then piles the rocks into mini piles around his yard.
His yard is often messy, just another dug up experiment I guess.
He had his car confiscated last year as he was doing 90MPH not K's *woops*
He has left the front of his house set up as the post office/shop that is used to be.
If you peek in the window it is all still set up with magazine shelves and a counter and it's all covered in dust.
He sleeps in the back room.
He gives us lemonade as we walk past and chat to him.
He has no family come and visit.
His name is Wesley.
Isn't it funny how you can know so much about a person just from watching them live every day?

I mean we have known this guy 5 or so years since we have been here.
But have only ever stopped to say hello at the fence
yet we know so much about him.
Wes. kind of intrigues me in a way.
I am thinking of photographing him (with his consent of course)

I would love to capture some of his memory on black & white film.
Otherwise I am afraid he will go un remembered.
Which is sad.

in other Kayla news.
in some lovely dot point form

  • college is great. I love my subjects.
  • I have plans for the future. Big ones and it feels good to have direction
  • I have some exciting new ventures happening
  • My teachers for my 2 on campus subjects are loving my work. YAY for that
  • I am on a creative high (to the point where i can't sleep)
  • I am excited for next year
  • I can't wait until Poppy comes down for Christmas (hopefully!)
  • I am itching to travel at the moment (2 months 4 days till melbourne)
  • I have a bit of an obsession at the moment with collecting old skeleton keys
  • I have an urge to clean everything
  • It's my 18th birthday in 4 months & 1 week
  • i'm getting sick of dot points.

    I promise i will share some work this week
    Just too lazy to photograph it.



Rachy said...

wow I am intrigued by your neighbour too! I reckon taking pics of him would be excellent. Have you got a tape recorder or something you could get him to tell you a few stories too?

Im so glad everything sounds like its going well!


Ally said...

love this kayla!
may sound strange, but i love the dot point way you have written this. I think some sort of short writing piece like that would be great to keep with the photos of him.

Michelle Jamieson said...

He does sound like an interesting man. WE have neighbours over the street and one house up. They seem to know everything about everyone and DH and I have nicknamed them Mr and Mrs Mangle! LOL

Check out my blog...You have been given an award!

Chelle Xx

Rachy said...

You have an award from me too! hehe

Rachy said...

You have an award from me too! hehe

SkyeMJ said...

Kayla this is such a BEAUTIFUL post!
This man sounds like he has such a bittersweet simple, meloncholic and heartbreaking story!
I had no idea you shot bw film!!! Me too! (Plus my BF is a bw film photographer - his blog link is on mine if you want to see!)

I agree with Alice - the dot points are working for you!

Liz said...

Kayla I haven't popped into your blog for quite awhile..(haven't been doing much blog hopping at all)...but it's soooo sad that man across from you doesn't have family that visit him...the poor ol' fella... how cute does he sound still out gardening..