Friday, July 11, 2008


how can you feel inspired to scrap when your room looks like this?

I had to do something

now thats better.
actually inspired to sit down and scrap now. LOL!

and..i have a camera YAY
finally...have been able to photograph lots of scrap stuff but i am going to have to do it in batches cause there is so much of it

I will start with my Embellished Idol entry for round 1
yes I signed up to it.
Very proud of myself, I wanted to do it last year but i didn't get around to it.
So here is week 1.
The blog for this competition where you can read all the updates and even win prizes YOURSELF by voting and here
make sure you vote for me...*wink* LOL!

and here is something from the convention
it isn't finished yet...i have put it all together just need to add the photos
so i will share inside photos when i have stuck my photos on.

and last but not least.
look at my shopping.FELT

I got is so cheap from school> i am going to get some more colours to i think.
they are gorgeous and you get HEAPS in a packet..such a bargain.
It's cool cause i get them cheap plus GST free.

Will chat soon
with more pics

relaxing weekend coming up. :-)

KR. xx

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Wendy Smith said...

just to let you kinow, that I ahve voted for you and your scrap room looks sooooooo much better...hehehe