Thursday, July 31, 2008

Putting on a happy face.

When I started this post it had so many titles. constantly changing.
there's simply no description for things right now.

I know that so many family read this blog so usually I try for it not to be personal.
But today, well today I don't care

this page is very personal.
I am making a bit of a scrapbook about the more personal things about me.
Not one that I will keep on the bookcase for everyone to see
but a bit more of a diary for me.

Inspired by The book imperfect lives
scrapbooking the reality
It has been an eye opener that maybe i could scrapbook these things.

So I will share these pages here.
As they are a part of me, and in the long run not something that i should be ashamed about.

I haven't been at college lately.
A lot of mixed reasons, but I will be there tomorrow.

Onto happier things.
Here are some more pages and projects from lately.

these are some cards using the making memories animal crackers range.
I love that range even though i have no babies or baby photos to really scrapbook now...but they are great for cards
and i know heaps of pregnant ladies so I am stock-piling the cards.

I did this page playing around with the new october afternoon detours range which i love...probably my favourite line EVER
it's my gorgeous Bailey (of course!)

another one of bailey. this gorgeous cat gets scrapped A LOT. lol
the shiny dots reflected a bit in the photo...sorry!
but i used some star grungeboard on this (it is mounted on cardstock because its not acid free so I dont want it touching my photo)
once again using the animal crackers making memories range

and i did a matching one of mr. oskar.
cause all their pages are in the same scrapbook so i like to make them similar pages to sit side by side :) Anal i know.

this page is of my mummy.
This was the class i taught at the forth scrapbooking day that was held here by karens scrappin kupboard.
using fancy pants
the pictures were taken on my mums birthday this year...

another cards i made using love elsie daisy. pink paislee and some gorgeous AC ribbon and red card. sorry the colours in the pic are BAD.

this one is for a challenge over at mystical scrapbooks created by tam.
It was to use fabric, stitching and buttons.
Pic taken by alice
of morgsta and i at sheffield.
(town of the murals)

this one is also for a challenge over at mystical by susan
Picture taken by a kind lady in the making memories class
of alice and i with gail pierce-watne from making memories

this box was given to me by susan longman...
she gave everyone a noni b (i think) box when we went to a crop at her house last weekend
I decorated mine up with kaiser sublime to be a photo box.
at the moment it has all my QLD photos in it.

I do have another page to share but it's my white with 1 for August and that hasn't gone up yet so it will have to wait. *wink*
check out all the great entries for july

Well thats it for today...

KR. xx

All the white horses are dragged below the sea
Fighting for life in there
Some of them we’ll see rise again
All the white horses are dragged below the sea
That’s all we are my friend
Some of us will feel the air again


Binxcat1 said...

Hey you... big hugs and happy cuddles to you... and if that doesn't work... here's something my husband always say to me when I am seeing that same black you are now... "Snap out of it ya poof!"... I know it sounds awful... but really it's not meant to be mean... it's just he's not good at talking about all those "feelings" type things... so it's his way of saying he does care... and it always makes me laugh... if only a little. There's no use denying it... sometimes things ARE $#!^... and I think it's a great idea to scrap these things (I have my own little "Dark Diary") but you'll get through it chickie... even if it doesn't feel like it today. Much love to you... AMxxxooo

Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous Layouts Kayla...loving your latest cat ones and i really admire you for scrapping your depression....I ahve a 8.5x11 album with my healing journey in it too

Ali said...

hi kayla. i agree with binxy - somethings things are shit, and we just have to let them be. i've been learning this (or trying to myself lately) - my mum told me a good thing - leave the things we cant change, and only accept the ones that we can change....hope that helps hun! love your scrapping of late!! wish i had more time, lately ive been TOO tons of stuff to do and NO time! eep! xoxox hugs. ali

Janine said...

Hi Kayla,
You have been awarded a "Brillante Weblog" award- check out my blog for details!
Love your layouts, have a great day.

Jaimie Ramsey said...

Kayla, the sun will shine again chickie! Good to see you accepting the things you can't change (as Ali said..) scrap it so you can move through it.. Your cat is too cute, love seeing the pages featuring Bailey!

kaylaaimee said...

these layouts are fantastic! Love them :)

Ally said...

Aww Kayla HUGE hugs!!!
I wish I could be there with you right now to help you through this and perk you up a little.

It is great to scrap your feelings...helps you to release them. Scrapbooking is great therapy. Keep doing it chicky...don't keep it bottled up inside.
And remember I am always here if you need a rant or to let it all out. You can use me as your online punching


PS. I ADORE these pages...but you already know that ;) *wink*

Cindy said...

binxcat1 - my husband says the SAME THING !!

Kayla, I haven't been here for a while (just don't have time for blogging as much lately), but I wanted to tell you I LOVE your scrapping :) You are so talented !