Sunday, July 20, 2008


I didn't post my pics of the swaps...partly cause I am still working on a few.
but i will do that tomorrow, before i send them...i promise.

Nothing to share today really.
I was sitting here after reading a blog article about making your blog interesting about exactly why i do blog.
I know I have gone over this subject before.
but...sometimes i wonder who i'm talking to and maybe i am just talking to myself.

but...then i figured my blog does have purpose.
i have given this blog addy to so many of my family and at least now they can see my latest layouts and pics of the family helps me record things i otherwise would have forgotten
It also gives my mum entertainment in the half hour she has to wait for my sister to finish work...
so there you go
that is why i blog

I have been searching through so many blogs and shops lately ( i am a bit of an addict )
and i found some pretty cool blogs

some are pretty random
but cool all the same

lots of inspiration to be found here. LOVE it

another great blog...mainly cause this is one of my favourite colours

i am loving this colour combination the best

this lady is funny

that is my really boring post for today
the new embellished challenge is announced tonight. YAY
and i got through to round 3
so i am super happy about that
i get to play another week
thank you to anyone who voted for me.

KR. xx

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