Friday, July 4, 2008

*la de dah*

I am so happy it's Friday.
Don't you love that end of the week..lazy weekend approaching feeling?

Just because you all want to know about my day (not!)
I decided to scab a lift with a friend to college (who's car incidentally broke down just as she was leaving) lovely. 40 minutes later....
finally gets here
think 5 people fitting into a tiny daihatsu charade (hmmm...bit squishy)
a bit of flooring that little junk box up the hill to get to college.
Missed the first line...ooops!
Then we bummed around the common room playing cards.
THEN ding ding. recess=BORING gee thats fun.
Played with photoshop mucking around with some holiday photos and then we were told that we had assembly.
It was a lecture assembly about exams next week (boring!) we decided to go for a drive around town instead *naughty*

Then lunch. Another boring hour.
Then Visual Arts, fun I picked up a huge order of felts that I ordered through the school for cheaper and GST free....I mean HUGE I have millions of metres of felt now. YAY!
We also made lots of soap, the art department smelt so yummy.
I made sea mist, vanilla, mango and musk soap.

Then the trip home
Pile all over again into charrie (the car) and go home

Now I am sitting back relaxing after a week of finishing projects and getting things done.

Thank goodness i don't have college now until Tuesday.

and scrappy goodness to share yet and not until monday as the camera battery is still at TAFE...grr.

WEll now that you know every detail of what i did today...

I best love ya and leave ya

Off to catch up on a weeks worth of home & away (yes sad i know)


KR. xx

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Michelle Jamieson said...

Love your post...made me giggle...especially about my Tafe days!
I can see a pattern there! LOL

Have a great weekend, chicky! :)

Chelle Xx