Wednesday, July 16, 2008

it is 1 in the morning!

and yes i am still awake, and still on the net.
i have a million things to do before tomorrow
cause i will be out in town all day at an appointment.
but i am on the net with really no plans to go to bed any time soon>
i wish my to do list would just disappear...when did my life become this busy?
please don't fret if i am gone a couple of days, will have things to share when i'm back..i promise.

heres a layout for you.
which i did for a challenge over at mystical

just randomly..i can't feel my pinky finger at the moment. it seems to have frozen up how weird, and i guess equally weird that i am posting about it.

please feel free to leave a comment and say hello *wink*

i have a million ideas zooming around my head at the moment for something cool COMING complete teaser.

Talk soon.
wish me luck for tomorrow with getting stuff done *it's gonna take a lot of luck to get through that bloody mile long list*

KR. xx


Nanny_leilz said...

Hey Kayla, Just popping in to say please don't think Im ignoring your email! I just can't seem to get in to read them atm as hotmail is being stubborn lol.

Love those clear buttons on your tree LO 2! :)

Bel said...

love that LO!
hope you get everything done! I have a lot to do too but have to babysit someones kids today so ME time will go again too!!!
chat soon

Michelle Jamieson said...

Beautiful layout of Miss Alice!!
Lovin'all your work of late...looking good, girl!!

Hope you get your "list" completed!! ;)

Chelle Xx

Ali said...

heya kayla. love that layout, the brown hambly on spotted green pp is gorgeous! those clear buttons are delightful hon! xox

Ally said...

wow kayla that layout is gorgeous!!! Love how you did the tree!!!! haha that photo brings back memories....*sigh*
I wanna be back in QLD :(