Sunday, July 6, 2008

i <3 photography

I think that beautiful photography can make a scrapbook page.
Don't get me wrong average photos are great and can tell a beautiful story, but I always think why not go to the effort to take nice photos.

I have been working lately on a set of prints that will be going in my local art exhibition.
I can't wait to share.
I love working in the dark room and having complete control over exposure and contrast and playing in the chemicals (so to speak)

One place I have been living on for inspiration lately is Flickr. I LOVE it
So i thought I would compile some of my faves...
Different things draw me into every photograph here...colour, composition ect...

( i think you should be able to click for credits..)

I should really be doing my study right now..but browsing photography sites seems to be way more fun i think.

I am very excited I signed up for the Embellished Idol today...
you can keep up with the challenges and vote for me (loL!) here

I'm off to watch BB
I hope that Bianca goes..i am sick of the whole attitude thing with her...
and yes i am a BB addict.

Talk tomorrow when i will have layouts to share ;-)

KR. xx

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