Sunday, July 13, 2008


what an intelligent post title.

Today was equally as boring.
Hum de hum!
i did cook a really nice dinner though as older sis and her bf came around but we ended up giving each other the daggers and not really talking to each other...seriously don't ask. trivial sister fighting stuff as usual.

I have the worst headache at the moment, i really ought to go to the doc's and get some more prescription pain killers cause they are the only things that work with these monster headaches.

I have a day off tomorrow which is good, because no one will be home and so I can just have the day to myself and potter around finishing things that need to be done (an assignment tops the list at the moment)

I really want to get published some more so I am thinking I might make some pages to fit the submission themes currently out there.
Speaking on being published i got my copy of scrapbooking memories 10.4 today and I am in it..I wrote a mini article and a tips column and one of my pages is in there and my little sister is in it on the same page!
and Alice...totally the coolest scrapper EVER is in there twice as well

This computer is totally driving me nuts at the is running on hardly any hard drive space and so I can't wait until we get our new 22 inch flat screen computer YAY!
I am so excited.
Cause I am so sick of our dinosaur computers.

and something else I really just felt like posting here.
I am turning 18 this year. 5 months and 1 week to go
anyway so many people are asking me what I am doing to celebrate
cause lets face it most people my age would take it as a night to go and get drunk and probably end up forgetting the entire thing...and the sad truth is a lot of my local friends here are like that and so I really don't want to celebrate here.
So what I was thinking was a really nice dinner out with the family (Indian maybe??)
and then...because I love all you guys and i want to celebrate this turn of independence with you I was thinking of having a BLOG PARTY
how cool does that sound?
I was thinking, games, and RAKS to give away and a couple of challenges?
I don't know. it might not happen, I might be too lazy to organise it. **roll eyes**
I just thought that would be so much cooler and I would to share my bday with you guys.

Ok here are some more pages (and yep i have a few more batches to come.)

one from the making memories class

This is mine for this months white with 1

another page from a making memories class.

another making memories class page.

and another MM one..

and by the way has anyone seen the new Making memories sneak peeks?
they are divine

you can check them out here
it is looking good.

I can't wait for the CHA products to be released.

anyway gotta love ya and leave ya

Don't be shy leave a comment and say hello..would love to know who is reading this little blog of mine.

KR. xx


Ally said...

yay gorgeous pages kayla!!!! Loving your take on the MM classes!
I still need to finish my maya road books...oops lol

Blog birthday sounds great!!!!!

Ruby Claire said...

Blog Party?
So do one! I will so be there!!
And omigawwsh LUVVIN those pages!!
I hope your headache gets better!!

Cheryl ~ Fiskateer #002 said...

I just wanted to share that I've enjoyed your blog (love the quote) and your work! Keep sharing . . . you're inspiring.

Maz said...

I am here!!

Loving all those pages hun. They rock!

Maz xx

orange said...

blog party sounds fun lol
love all those pages =]


Tamara said...

Hope your headache gets better.

Your pages are fantastic, cant wait to see some more!!

Tickled Pink (SM Forum)