Monday, July 28, 2008

check out these new kits.

Mystical scrapbooks has had a nice big clean out sale
and now they are beginning their new venture into gorgeous scrapbooking kits.

Here are some of their new ones
to check them out and purchase them you can go here
and to view all the kit information you can check it out on the wicked princess's blog here
(click images to view product details and prices)

They are really gorgeous.
I want to order one or two or three or four or maybe five? LOL other news.

Our computer died
I am working on our dinosaur computer (bout 12 years old) at the moment
and i can't do photos
I will try and update with photos as soon as i can
otherwise i have to wait 10 days :-0
until our brand spanking new computer excited, we haven't had a decent computer before and this one has a nice 22 inch monitor, huge harddrive ect...
the computer i was working on before only had a 512MB hard drive (what the??)
so good to get a new fast one.
pity the other one fried. lol

Talk soon

huggedy hugs

KR. xx

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Ula said...

Thanks for writing this.