Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm here

I'm here

I have finally decided to blog
sorry it has taken me so's just we have been so busy and tired after all the touristy things we have been doing.

I have like a million photos to share.
So i am going to go through and only share a couple.

this is me and jo romanowski (from scrapbooking memories)

this is alice, caroline lau (from maya road) and me

this is alice, gail pierce-watne (from making memories) and me

this is alice cass lu and me

this is alice, chellejamo and me

this is alice uninae (renae finlayson) and me

this is alice ngaire bartlam, loretta grayson and me

this is alice and nikala o'brien

this is katie trapett alice and me

this is lynette carol (from k & company) and me

I do have to take pictures of all the classes I did at the convention but I will do that when I get home

this is alice dee and me

here are some random pictures from our trip

this is me with my aunty cheryl and cousins brad and ashthis is me at cotton tree beach

ok well thats enough pictures for today
I have a million
might have to do a photo wall when i get back

thats a big enough update for me today.

The convention was awesome.
I ended up doing 8 classes (will share photos when i get back)
Met lots of you lovely ladies

Chat soon

Kayla Renee. xx


Ruby Claire said...

LOVE the photos Kayla!
Looks like ou 2 are having an AWESOME time!!
Can't wait to see moe piccies ;)

Jolene Pienaar said...

oh wow, in the same MM class? That is the thing about sitting in front, you can scan the room to see who else is there lol. But then I get to see the class samples first haha. Good on you for getting so many piccies taken with everyone too!!

Theresa and Selena said...

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Wendy Smith said...

Looks like you ahd a great time...SO jealous that you got to meet so many great scrapper...

Mel Connell said...

Love all your pic Kayla. You got some great shot of your self and Alice, can't wait to see some pages using them!

What a great trip, I have to do one sometime, never been to a convention like that at all!