Saturday, May 10, 2008

yay its the weekend.

im not thinking it will be much of a weekend though
I am going to be so busy busy busy

loads to do

so i doubt i will blog this weekend.

I am working like crazy on something.

SO just thought i would share a few things.

my sis Tamara is competing in the Mystical masters competition over at mystical scrapbooks and she has done a little write up about bubble wrap stamping which i thought was super cool. you can check it out here

I am very excited...elsie news.

1. I pre ordered her new recipe box from Karens Scrappin Kupboard, hopefully it will be here Tuesday...I was going to try and not open it until my holiday in 2 weeks on Wednesday (can't believe it has come so quick) i don't know how well that will go though. lol!

2. I saw her embroidery patten designs on her etsy shop and fell in love.
I have purchased 5.
2.sweet tooth
3.the seasons
4.pretty skies away

My favourite has to be the trees.
i hope that she brings some more out soon>
I can't wait to use them, have so many ideas running through my head!

>>>>>My holiday is only 18 days away. Now that is getting scary
I still have sooo much to do. i am freaking out!! >>>FREAK OUT !!!

Ok well I am off to bed. I have a class to teach tomorrow and heaps of stuff to do.

I will leave you with some of my favourite blogs at the moment

night lovelies

KR. xx

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Delta said...

Oh my gosh Kayla I cant believe you think Im one of your favourite blogs atm. That is such an honour. Thankyou thankyou. I dont deserve it. I havent uploaded in such a long time. Oh I so want the new elsie book. Does KSK have any extras on order? I want one so desperately. Hope your weekend is super fab.
Love ya,