Sunday, May 18, 2008

these shoes are made for walking..and thats just what they'll do.

I love these shoes.
They are my faithful's.
I am sad and they get dragged out of the cupboard.
I love how that they really don't 'go' with a lot of outfits i wear...but i wear them anyway
I love that they are comfortable
I love that they are my favourite colour
I love the little bows
I <3 shoes

ok...something other than shoes... I am working on a mini album to take with me on my QLD. I want to have something started. something ready to go. something easy. something me. So say hello to Mr. Plane book. He is going to be called Clarence and he is coming everywhere with me *grins*
I am really excited.
I can't wait to decorate it more
I am going to take a doodle pen and the book on the plane so I can doodle all through it
and I am having a signature in the that i can get all the ladies i meet to sign it in the back.

The bit on the front cover (the grid bit) is for small photos
and inside the green heart.

Will print off some mini's.

It has quite a few pages in it so I am going to be doing that for a while.

I haven't been up to much else scrap wise.

I have been updating my you may have noticed...there are some more links >>>
and i am updating the ones <<<< still.
I am liking this colour scheme better than the last one, and i love the 3 columns.

I tried to do a photo shoot of Morgan today but she had lots pigmentation in her skin and it was showing up (she has eczema) I tried to photoshop some but they looked too fake.
I will have to do a re shoot.

Well I am off to bed.

9 days till i Leave on my trip. YAY

KR. xx


Kara said...

Wow. Glad I found your blog, your work is beautiful! Love that mini, will be so fun to fill in. Have fun on your trip. Totally jealous.

dannii_b said...

Love Love LOVE those shoes!!! Totally awesome!!!
Dannii xx