Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So disorganised.

Well not entirely. But it sure feels that way.
I am leaving to the mainland TOMORROW *gasp*

I would share a photo of my suitcase but its a bit embarrassing.
My suitcase is pretty much full and I have only got my scrapbooking stuff in there *OMG* I'm going to have to downsize.
All my clothes are sitting next to the suitcase in a pile.
Hmmmm.....I am going to have to work something out.
I still need to do a load of my washing that I am taking which has just beeped i think but I can't hang it outside cause of the rain..so over the rain at the moment, bring on QLD and warmer weather than here.

I still have a million things to do before I go, scrapbooking wise.
A couple things for magazines. Which I don't think I have shared here.

I am getting published again...2 layouts...YAY!
can't tell you any more than that *wink*

ok to love and leave you
here is a page that I don't think i have shared here yet (if i have sorry for the double share)

So much to do. Must run.

KR. xx

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