Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is me.
Is it sad when that is all you feel like posting?

I haven't had a good day.
In fact I feel like going straight back to bed and hoping that when I wake up everything will be fine and back to normal. I should just keep dreaming!

It's exactly 2 weeks until I leave to Melbourne for 6 days before I depart to QLD. I am very excited, anxious, nervous, FREAKING OUT.

I keep thinking that maybe I organised this trip at the wrong time in my life, that I shouldn't be traveling by myself, and a million other thoughts that are racing through my head.
but..WHAT THE HECK? I am going.
It is going to be good for me.

Still so many things to do before I go.
I have to go to the college and buy stock loads of black & white film (simply cause I get it cheap) cause there are going to be millions of things to photograph on my trip...i can't wait.
I have to say I am sick of photographing my sister and my cats. The change of scenery will be great.

Not looking forward to my flight...which will be in 2 weeks.
I feel sorry for the poor person that has to sit next to me on my flight to Melbourne.
at the first hint of turbulence I am going to close my eyes and say out loud "I am on a tropical island, i am on a tropical island". The people sitting next to me are probably going to regret booking their tickets for that flight.

Please channel some good weather for me for the 28th...


KR. xx


Kayla Aimee said...

your cat is soooo cute!!

Delta said...

Hey Kayla

Dont worry turbulance isnt that bad. I travelled to Japan and back and went through some horrible turbulance. I slept through the whole thing without my seatbelt on lol. Apparently other people were getting thrown about the plane but I sat there solid as a rock asleep lol. You will be fine.

I totally know what you mean about taking photos of sisters and pets. All I seem to scrapbook is my sister (i think shes over it now) and all the animals at my place lol. It will be good for a change of scenery on the long weekend. We will have to meet up and have a photo session lol. Now that would be fun!

See you round the forums
Nae xoxoxo