Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it's tuesday morning, packed my bags, can't get out of bed!

...i'd rather go back to the dream im living in my head. YEAH!

LOL! for some reason when I was typing out my post that song came to my head and seemed oh so appropriate.

I have packed for QLD...there is really nothing left to do now.

dreams...um one word to sum it up..WEIRD!
I had this really weird dream that I woke up and our front lawn had head stones all over it like they had popped up from the grass and our front lawn had turned into a cemetery and then i looked around and all the neighbours front lawns had turned into cemeteries...slightly weird business going on in my head.
I wish I had one of those dream books to find out exactly what that meant!

I feel like having a dot point post.
Things...(thats an intelligent title if there was ever one)
  • bloglines - is addictive if you start you can't stop. (woops!)
  • photography is rockin' my world at the moment, love it more than scrappin (gasp!)
  • green in my favourite colours (derr!)
  • I am loving our new Canon Pixma MP610 printer.
  • I want to plant a tree (random!)
  • I want one of these
  • I have decided that I am not celebrating my 18th birthday this year (no reason!)
  • I want another Burmese cat to add to my collection. (it isn't going to happen)
  • I need to stop making lists, they are all over the house!!

This is my layout share for today..this is inspired by elsies (emma in wonderland) double page spread from her new recipe box which...I got in the mail...>YAY. I was so happy.
It is now placed next to the easel that showcases her first book..have a bit of a shrine or something happening in there. he he...

Well i am off to do ... nothing!

Sad life I live.

KR. xx


Belinda Venables said...

Hi Kayla.
Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

I'm really loving your work - you sure have talent!


Nic Finlayson said...

Oh Kayla,

Gorgeous layouts LOVE the leaves!

Nic :)

Susan said...

I love the leaves too!