Friday, May 16, 2008

It is 3 in the morning

and finally some success.
I have been working for hours on fiddling around with Template codes to get the 3 panel blog i wanted...
it has driven me up the wall
but i think we are here now...after much swearing and thinking i might just move to typepad....oops.

I think I am tired now. LOL

Well onto happier things..
look what arrived today...
yep thats right a package from miss. elsie herself
I ordered 5 of her embroidery patterns and they came and they are gorgeous. I just need to get some thin white fabric as I am working on a BIG project with these little beauties

and if that wasn't enough happy mail...i received another package

this one is from Scrapworld from the lovely Mel.
It is full to the brim with scrappy goodness that I got in her closing down sale.
I can't wait to dig my paws into this lot!!!

OK...please bare with me while I fiddle around with my blog. I am going to be updating all my links which are now
So...that will be fun
and the music will be changing...just had to create a new account with cause i forgot my username and password for the other one. woops!

I am off to bed.
Bye lovelies

KR. xx

1 comment:

Ally said...

lol Kayla! Your last post about the tropical island cracked me up!!!! haha

Love your new look blog!