Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My etsy store has new products in there!!
The vintage kit pictured here has already SOLD OUT.
But there is more to come...think funky, happy, FUN!

I am planning on doing lots of product uploading this week
some cool new things are coming to the's all very exciting.

this is the vintage canvas kit that i just put up in the store.


this one is another canvas kit...a FUNKY one..

and these are the scrapbook page kits

this one is the vintage kit..but it is already sold out!!!

and last but not least the CLASS kits
these are kits that come with a class to make the Layout
classes come with the kits on mini discs!!

all kits and prices and detailed info is on my esty so go here to check it out

tell everyone you know..loL!

I have another class coming soon...prob. tomorrow and its a BOYS one using the new fancy pants.

Keep your eyes peeled
make sure you bookmark it.
lots more coming.

KR. xx

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