Tuesday, May 6, 2008

earring addiction

Why i why did i decide to browse etsy this morning?

I found so many cute earrings that I am dying to add to my collection

like these
found here

I am so jealous know...cause I really can't buy them :(

I am over my little spaz that I chucked earlier this week now.
I have pulled up my sleeves and moved on..totally over it!!!

anyway big announcement...(not really..but anyway!)

my etsy store has been refurbished
ready...for something exciting today...keep your eyes peeled...
make sure you bookmark it and tell all your friends :)

today...I am working on my exciting little bit of news...and getting ready...getting ready for something that you will know soon :0

Can you believe it...22 days till i venture off on my cool kick ass holiday...
im in shock myself
For all those ladies reading this that i get to meet...i just want to say I CAN'T WAIT

roll on the convention

Off to work ;)

KR. xx

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