Friday, May 2, 2008

Don't talk to me!!

I'm being a bitch today..i just feel like telling everyone not to talk to me!!
you know when you wake up in one of those super crappy moods? and nothing goes your way?
well todays the day

and i am sulking in the corner..being a complete sook.

Oh well..i am making cupcakes to try and make me happy. I have altered my recipe a little and made smaller's too hard to eat big cupcakes without making a mess....!!

I have changed my blog a little bit again... I love change...with the amount of times i have changed this blog i reckon that you would have figured that out by now. lol!

anyway...I think I am going to get dressed and go and take some pics..i want to get some pics for my classes in Brisbane...i am thinking i will do a set of self portraits...will see how i go...

By the way...the hat i am wearing in the layout titled 'crazy' i so so so want's my little sisters's actually made by people from Scotland where our family originated from.
It's about $60 though so I can wait. lol!

Will share my cupcake pics when i am done...and share my recipe ;-)


these layouts are for the mystical masters competition

KR. xx

1 comment:

Sares said...

Sorry it wasn't a good day for you kayla - the LO's rock, though, so well done!!
Sares x