Saturday, May 3, 2008

ALI Edwards you ROCK!

This last week has been a tough one...
I have really been thinking over my creative process and analysing all my work...haven't felt good about my scrapbooking for ages
and this week it was just really pushed over the edge.
I haven't been able to sit down and decently scrap for ages. Have been really sad :-(
Anyway so I picked up Ali E's life artist book and I was re inspired
I am going on a change to look at my scrapbooking in a completely different way..I have done 2 pages since being re inspired and i love that I didn't procrastinate and get picky over them. I just sat there singing along to my iPod and felt good..

anyway enough about that.

How yummy do these look?

cupcake time again!!!
i love my cupcakes
and this batch was so yummy
i have finally adjusted the recipe to my taste and have the perfect simple vanilla cupcake!

I have made over 30 cupcakes this week. Insane!

This is a page that I completed the other day

(it doesn't have a black background, it is actually transparent so was just showing the cloth through underneath)
I was really happy with it
The challenge was to scrap using ONLY white. It was hard at first But i got right into it and i love the end result.

thats my visual post done...

Who's liking Big Brother this year?
When big brother started all those years ago..LOL! i was really into watched the first 2 seasons i think and then i stopped watching it for AGES
this year i started watching again and I seriously LOVE the changes.
so funny.
So sad that Rima broke her leg :-(
My favourite so far

TRAVIS>..he rocks

I really loved tonight...gatecrashers night...but dude 17 people in that one bed..>OMG! minus Nobbi of course who has to sleep in the back yard..ha ha NOBBI!

Anyway I am off to bed
nighty night
fellow readers

KR. xx


Bel said...

Oh that white/clear LO ROCKS! and now I am hungry for cupcakes!
YES I agree too, ALI E is the best, seriously I wish she was my sister! When I did her classes in Sydney in 06 she changed me, as a person, scrapper and mother!
AND BB is great this year I agree, except that nob Corey..3 days till he goes home. I also love the new voting system...change is good!
have a good week soon

orange said...

Kayla love the new LO and those cupcakes look yummy! =]


orange said...

Kayla love the new LO and those cupcakes look yummy! =]